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Old pandemic pros — which all of us are now, sadly — know that any meal consumed at home is just a few simple steps away from being an uber-classy, fine-dining affair. Some candles, dimmed lighting, a nice tablecloth (the sheet from your bed will do in a pinch), a shirt with a collar on it and voila! Your home is now the very definition of refined elegance. Now that your dining-room table (a ping-pong table or whatever will do in a pinch) and its accompanying room in your home is elegant as hell, it’s time to make sure the food is top-notch to match. Enter Peacemaker Lobster & Crab. The beloved local purveyor of tasty sea bugs has adapted ably to our collective COVID reality, offering curbside pickup of its delicious wares. Orders can be placed online at, and upon your arrival staff will bring your food to your car and even pop it in the trunk for you. All you gotta do now is bring your meal home to your elegant and refined dining space, and you and your dining companion(s) will be the very picture of culinary sophistication. Just make sure to wear a bib (a trash bag will do in a pinch) — you wouldn’t want to ruin your only nice shirt. — Daniel Hill

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