Best Falafel

Kabob International

Unless you count manna -- which is sort of in short supply these days --falafel is possibly civilization's oldest food. The durability of the friendly Middle Eastern chickpea croquette is no accident; if there is a sensation more satisfying than biting into a hot, crispy ball of falafel, e-mail us. Meanwhile, we'll continue to scour the city searching for more falafel goodness. Our current fave is the Salad Delight Platter at Kabob International. The South Grand satellite of the Delmar Loop's Café Natasha serves up a great falafel chef's salad with feta, a yogurty dressing and lots of chopped pepperoncini. The falafel itself is just as it should be: crunchy on the outside, spicy and comforting on the inside. Purists can order it in the traditional, more portable pita form, but either way, it should be enjoyed on Kabob International's new patio before winter sets in.
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