Best Exposé by a P-D Vet

Theater Sneaks

When Lou Rose -- dead ringer for TV's Columbo -- retired, the job of being the Post-Dispatch's intrepid ink-stained snoop fell on Michael Sorkin, one of the paper's toughest cookies. Sorkin did the down-and-dirty with the best. His only handicap? He was stuck at the P-D. With Rose, Sorkin helped put the lid on Circuit Attorney George Peach's political career. And even though Mike seems to have slowed down, he still can do his stuff without getting tipped by PR flack Richard Callow. His work on Andrew Chambers, an unreliable drug snitch, was as solid as it was dull. So what's Sorkin been up to? On May 31, in a front-page exposé, Sorkin revealed: St. Louisans sneak food into theaters! A highlight: Getting a patron to confess, "I just smuggled in some water and Sugar Babies." The horror. The horror. A Pulitzer-prized piece, we're sure. What's next? The P-D reveals: Hotel guests steal towels!

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