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Movies Unlimited

For those who mourn the passing of Whiz Bam! for the loss not of Dusan Makavejev but of Doris Wishman, there is a small dark spot of joy in the heart of Maplewood. Movies Unlimited deals. Drawn mostly from the Something Weird imprint, their stock is pretty diverse -- within, that is, the parameters of dingy interiors, ill-fitting underwear and pocked, sagging flesh that define the boundaries of prime exploitation filmmaking. There are a fistful of genre low/high points (Bad Girls Do Cry, Scum of the Earth!, Fleshpot on 42nd Street) and a few titles so out and down that they weren't forgotten but repressed. After this, the locked room of really "adult" titles promises a pornucopia of unchecked excess and delivers, well, a few more anal titles than expected. Anticlimactic, but there are still "wrestling" videos (sale only), some old-school kung-fu action and a bunch of Faces of Death knockoffs that offer the only unalloyed porn buzz in the place. Movies Unlimited understands the niche-market strictures of doing business in a (two) company town and applies itself to the task of gleaning the real junk from the trash pile that Blockbuster and Hollywood won't stoop to pick up.
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