Best Example of Wasted Taxpayer Money

Angela Coffel

Imagine someone so dangerous that she must be guarded by two people 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Someone so frightening that she has her very own wing because another prisoner or mental-health patient might be her next victim. Meet Angela Coffel, the 24-year-old HIV-positive woman whose only crime was to give two boys five-second blowjobs six years ago. She served a full five-year sentence for her crime, but when she was done, Attorney General Jay Nixon decided she shouldn't go back out into the world -- instead, he wanted her kept confined as a sexually violent predator. She's never physically attacked anyone, but that doesn't stop her from being considered violent. She's never been charged or convicted of any other crime, as a juvenile or as an adult. And never mind that a mental health panel and a state psychiatrist thought the idea was preposterous. Nixon pressed the case, and Missouri got its first female sex predator. There's no such thing as a scheduled release date for Coffel. And there's no word whether Nixon plans to seek sexually violent predator status for any clergymen sitting in comfortable retirement homes who might've given an altar boy a blowjob or two.
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