Best Example of Taking One for the Team

Larry Conners gets Tasered

Seniority is one of those perks a guy ought to take advantage of. If you're Larry Conners, it should entitle you to the last handful of jelly beans in the make-up room and shotgun (without having to call it) while cruising with Vickie Newton. So you'd think he'd be the least likely candidate to be found on the receiving end of a 50,000-volt sweeps story about Tasers. Even if he really wanted a firsthand experience with the device, couldn't he have just shot and interviewed an intern? Surely Conners' five Emmys warrant that liberty. But no. St. Louis collectively winced when Larry Conners took that shot to the chest in an experience that definitely hurt him more than it hurt us. And only a few months later, he took a polygraph test in which it was revealed that he's smoked pot, had cosmetic surgery and enjoyed working with Julius Hunter. Oh, and that being Tasered really frickin' hurts. Come on, Lar. Your heart's in the right place, but that shouldn't necessitate bleeding from your chest. Ouch.
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