Best Example of Taking One for the Team

Larry Washington

Look, everybody does shit they don't want to do for their boss. Somewhere a rookie is claw-hammering moldy drywall all by his lonesome while wearing a faulty respirator because the senior man wanted to play golf. Right now, some young idealist is fetching coffee for a man who can't properly pronounce "nuclear." Both of these people nodded slowly to themselves with a sense of fraternal understanding when Larry Washington took a bullet for pushy tele-journalist Elliott Davis. Washington, a KTVI-TV (Channel 2) cameraman with 35 years of experience, was winged while filming Davis' investigation of a Wellston tow-truck firm. When that slug plowed into Washington's shoulder, the shoulders of underlings, junior partners, newbies and rookies everywhere stung with a sympathy born of bitter experience. Some days you work overtime; some days you skip lunch; some days you get capped. Every day some clown making more money and doing less work than you chucks you on the (uninjured) shoulder, tells you, "You're an asset to the team," then pilfers the glory. Larry Washington, this slug's for you.
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