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St. Louis Astronomical Society Public Star Parties

First the bad news: Unless you're mind-bogglingly wealthy or mind-bogglingly intelligent, you aren't getting into outer space. The good news? The St. Louis Astronomical Society can help you see through the astronauts' eyes — for free! To have your feet leave this planet and your body feel the weightlessness for which outer space is famous, just head over to the field next to the Saint Louis Science Center's McDonnell Planetarium in Forest Park. On the second Friday of each month from January through October, the SLSC folks turn off the parking-lot lights and extinguish the planetarium's colorful nighttime glow. On these special, dimly illuminated evenings, SLAS volunteers set up telescopes and train them on a variety of night-sky wonders. (Note: Though your journey is free, donations are accepted.)
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