Best Ensemble Cast

Noises Off

Just because Noises Off, Michael Frayn's chaotic farce about the trials and travails of a touring theater company, is one of the funniest plays ever written doesn't mean it's a sure thing. It requires an ensemble of stellar actors. What is ensemble acting? It's a cohesiveness that often begins with actors taking the time to listen to each other. But in Act Inc.'s staging of Noises Off, which elevated mass confusion to an art form, time was a precious commodity not to be squandered. Here ensemble acting began with actors breathing in sync in order to sustain the gathering momentum that transformed this British farce into a veritable decathlon of laughter. The winning lineup (as coached by director Deanna Jent) comprised Charlie Barron, Kevin Beyer, Sarah Cannon, Teresa Doggett, Rory Lipede, Bill Lynch, Anthony Mullin, Paul Pagano and Kelley Ryan. Collectively, we honor them with this gold medal for teamwork.
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