Best Elvis Impersonator

Clownvis Presley

When Clownvis Presley (alter ego of 7 Shot Screamers lead singer Mike Leahy) hosted the RFT Music Awards ceremony in June, one couldn't help but hope that when the Screamers went up to accept the award for Best Rock Band, Leahy would be with them and he and Clownvis would meet onstage in classic Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton fashion. Alas, it didn't go down that way. But that's the sort of antics St. Louis rock audiences have come to expect from the town's Best Elvis Impersonator. Clownvis regularly hosts variety shows featuring comedians, burlesque dancers and bands, along with his own old-time song-and-dance routines. It's a shtick that works because it relies less on bringing back the ghost of Elvis Presley and more on a refreshing type of entertainment that isn't available anywhere else in this day and age.

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