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Hi-Fi Fo-Fum

In the history of St. Louis advertising, there have been plenty of memorable campaigns. Steve Mizerany on his roller skates. Home Furniture and its promise of No Monkey Business. The Schweig-Engel trio slapsticking it up during late-night Three Stooges marathons. And when it comes to jingles, three have stood the test of time better than all others: Johnny Londoff Chevrolet, Frederic Roofing and the king of them all, Hi-Fi Fo-Fum (exclaMAtion point!). Now, you may assume that the jingle has nothing to do with the quality of the store. Wrong. The reason this particular jingle can be repeated from memory by generations of St. Louisans isn't just because it's a great jingle. It's because it's a great jingle that's been replayed on radio stations here for decades. And it's been played, time and again for so many years, because the store that it's promoting is the best in town.

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