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Ha! You thought we were going to tell you where best to drop four-plus grand on a behemoth Sony/Sanyo/LG 1080 something or other so you could see every detail of Bulger hitting the turf again and again. Forget it! You've been downsized, and you don't need to be adding to either deficit — our collective foreign-trade one or your own personal-worth one. At Gateway Electronics there's bin after bin and row upon row of really cheap stuff that — with the application of a little solder and a lot of cleverness — will amplify some sound, flash some LEDs or even go in the other room and fetch your slippers for you with the flick of a joystick (uh-huh, they've got robot parts!). We hear ya: You don't know a microfarad from a miniature weasel, and you think an eight-Henry choke is something some British monarch used to off one of his wives. So pick up one of their kits. F'rinstance, for under 50 bucks you can cobble together a low-powered FM transmitter that'll allow you to annoy the crap outta your neighbors just like 97.1 folks do metrowide. Plus, you'll be teaching yourself a marketable skill, which is good because it looks like that dream of sitting around in your unwashed boxers day-trading your way to riches ain't coming true anytime soon.

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