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Music for Pleasure

Poor audiophile. We've prepared a little glass room for you, over there next to the dodo. See, the world has decided. Decided that music is delivered through mp3s, through iPods, through earbuds. Decided that music is background noise in videogames, in supermarkets. Decided that music is merely product to be inflicted on the public by American Idol winners (and runners-up). Decided that music is expendable. Sad, ain't it? Well, that brings us back to you, sir (and given that you're an audiophile, you are a "sir"). The world's decided that you're expendable, too. Hence that little glass room we mentioned earlier. Now, we're aware that the acoustics in a glass room are really gonna suck. But look at it this way: We've outfitted it with some very nice equipment we picked up at Music for Pleasure, once again winner of this category.
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