Best Electronics for the Audiophile

Music for Pleasure

We have many ways of pleasuring ourselves—be it with smoke, drink, gambling, adult toys, whathaveya. To the audiophile, "adult toys" means hi-fi gear. Really, really expensive hi-fi gear. And there's no shortage of local vendors. The Sound Room offers rooms of sound, Best Sound can hook you up with some pretty decent sound, and Hi-Fi Fo-Fum is large and in charge. But only Music for Pleasure takes direct aim at our A-spot. Mmmmmmmmm, the lavishly appointed listening rooms—including the soon-to-be-completed, only-THX-approved-in-the-area home-theater demo auditorium (we can hardly wait). Aahhhhhhhhh, the better-than-studio-quality Dynaudio speaker systems. Oooooooooooh, the Krell electronics. YES OH YES, the outrageously expensive speaker cable and other "interconnects" to...plug in the back. MUSIC. FOR. PLEASURE. EARGASM! Cigarette?
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