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On the ladder of geeky male pastimes, audiophilia ranks way up there, right above cigars, though below gun collections. But it's a harmless pursuit, the quest for the perfect system to fit into the most acoustically perfect room in order to fully appreciate the subtleties buried within a perfectly engineered, perfectly performed King Crimson record. We like Best Sound because they're so damned expensive! It's true, they sell top-of-the-line stuff, but the thing is, in Best Sound's able hands, you get what you pay for. If you're going to spend $400-plus on a pair of speakers -- and you should spend at least $400 on a pair of speakers -- don't be silly and do it at one of the big-box stores; do it at Best Sound, where, within that range, they'll have a pair that will blow your butt across the room. We showed up with cash and they recommended a pair of B&W DM601s, and they were a great addition to our (very impressive) system. Your Flaming Lips records will never sound the same.
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