Best Electronic Band

The Bureau

Conga lines usually break out at musical events only if said happenings involve Jimmy Buffett, wedding receptions or lethal loads of tequila. Strangely enough, none of those (that we were aware of) were present at the Bureau show at the Pageant in May, during which the floor pit's giddy denizens broke into an impromptu bunny hop that quickly turned into a celebratory spiral of epic proportions. Quirky spontaneity is just one reason for the Bureau's popularity, though. For the quartet, it's all about an increasingly confident, always-entertaining live show and its tunes—a mix of peppy new-wave danceability (think early Depeche Mode), post-punk spikes (Moving Units are a fave) and Interpol/Joy Division/Chameleons mope (mostly owing to vocalist Mike Cracchiolo's stentorian pipes). With a six-song EP, You Are Number Six, under their belts and plans to release a full-length album next year, the Bureau look poised to put the Lou's burgeoning electronic scene on the map.
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