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Klassic Cleaner

Klassic Cleaner is a humble affair in the basement of the Gateway One Building downtown, just a counter and a hanger pole. Counter attendant Chong (she prefers a one-name moniker) has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing that a customer has arrived and appears stage-left like a game show host. Klassic's been down here for sixteen years, and in that time they've gathered a loyal group of downtowners who swear by them. Bachelors especially should kiss up to Chong; she's got a mother's eye for split seams and stains, all of which she remedies without being asked. She's of the old school when it comes to dry cleaning, as well. Klassic removes buttons before cleaning to prevent breakage, and then re-sews them, good as new. A well-kept secret that deserves widespread recognition, the place has high standards and quick turnaround. If you spill coffee in the morning and you're willing to go topless until early afternoon, they can fix it.
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