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St. Louis Gast Haus

The U.S. economy is a mess. The E.U. economy is a mess. But even in the most buzz-killing of economic times, sweet, sweet beer continues to be a top seller worldwide. And much as reliable, thrifty Germany will probably end up bailing out the screwed-up economies of Greece and Spain, closer to home, St. Louis Gast Haus' happy hour will likewise rescue your broke ass from pesky sobriety: From 5 to 7 p.m., patrons can enjoy a liter of German beer (typically one light and one dark is offered) for just $5. A liter! Now there's a metric measurement we can get behind. These monsters arrive in the same heavy, dimpled mugs that are found at Munich's Hofbrauhaus, and while your forearms will get a workout, your skinny wallet will not. The tankards go beautifully with the large soft pretzels and sides of mustard and sinus-clearing horseradish. Gemütlichkeit is free.

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