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Stag Nite at El Lenador

Hump day. Despite its more lurid connotations, this phrase essentially reminds us that our lives are but a cycle of workaday suffering and that we're in the trough — as far as we can get from the weekend. But why sit glumly in front of the tube when you can celebrate the downhill sweep toward the weekend? Johnny Vegas understands: For the better part of a decade, Stag Nite has stumbled around, from the demolished Magee's at the corner of Clayton and South Taylor avenues to Off Broadway, to the shuttered Wedge. For a mere $5, you can catch some hardworking local bands, and for an additional $1 each, drink the cans of Stag that Johnny Vegas himself is slinging behind the bar. You almost can't afford not to go. Sure, there are other cheap Stag opportunities around town. But the beauty of Stag Nite is the devotion it inspires. Says Vegas: "It has been such a constant part of my life, I have actually forgotten exactly when it started. I guess if I had kids, I probably wouldn't know how old they were, either."

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