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Atomic Cowboy

With the coming workweek weighing heavy on your mind, Sunday night can be a downer. Perhaps an ice-cold can of Stag beer would brighten your mood? What if it only cost 50 cents? What if it were served at one of the most idiosyncratic watering holes in town? (Admit it: We had you at "50 cents.") Atomic Cowboy may be the hardest-workin' bar in St. Louis — who else's calendar boasts such a nonstop frenzy of swing dancing, stand-up comedy, burlesque shows, DJs and bands? And Sunday's no exception: After some early-evening salsa dancing, the 50-cent Stag cans flow from 11 p.m. till just before the 3 a.m. last call. Stag night draws a gaggle of devoted regulars, some of whom really like playing flip cup. But if that's not your thing, there's plenty of space — either inside the bar or out on the back patio — in which to relax and enjoy that "Golden Quality Since 1851." At least that's what it says on the can.

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