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Booze Pitcher

Leave the pitchers full of beer, margaritas or sangria to the minor leagues — the Booze Pitcher at 100 West is for pros only. Found in a forgettable Ballwin strip mall inside a bar that's had more name changes than Prince, this mega-cocktail will put an extra swagger (and a stumble or two) in your step. Throw down $9, and a 32-ounce plastic brim-filled jug appears before you. Don't be proper and wait for an accompanying cup. Hint: This bad boy ain't for sharing. Slurp it through a straw straight from the pitcher. Observe as nine ounces of alcohol (approximately one-third of a fifth of liquor!) disappears into your system. Oh yeah, that should hit the spot. On average, resident bartender Ryan Thorn serves ten to twelve Booze Pitchers a night, plus a few while the sun's still up. The only downside: It's only applicable to well liquor. However, after the first round, cheap vodka will be the last thing on your mind. Actually, you might not even remember that part at all.

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