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Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

Is it just a mirage, or are the wine prices at restaurants going up faster than gas at the pump? Seems like only yesterday a glass of vino'd run you four or five bucks; now you practically need a money-market account to suck down a couple of after-work cabs. In belt-tightening times like these, turn to the Delmar Restaurant & Lounge. Here a ten-spot will cover you — for almost three glasses! And we don't mean during a single special hour, one day a week, when there's a full moon. As a regular menu item, this dimly lit Loop mainstay offers one red and one white wine for $3.50 a glass. Seriously. And while you can't choose whether you'll get a pinot noir versus, say, a merlot, the Delmar's wine list is solid, so you know you won't get poured a dud.
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