Best Drink Special

Dollar Bin

The timing is perfect: late-night Bump Day, Wednesday. You've already endured three days of insipid labor for The Man and yet are faced with another two to muddle through before payday and the wild wild weekend. You're nearly broke, desperate for release. You want action. Check that -- you want drunk action. You want hot guys, luscious ladies. And if the opportunity arises to buy one of them a drink, you want it to be cheap. How's a buck for a carafe of sake? How would you like to get frickin' fried for $3? Good. Stick with us. Cherry, grape, peach, strawberry -- who cares what flavor? It's a drink special, and what's special about it is the price. The Dollar Bin, featuring DJ Kenny Kingston (a.k.a. DJ Cougar Shuttle) and his posse on the tables, was temporarily left homeless when Lo, where the party was born, closed its doors. Fortunately Rue 13 came to the rescue, and its more spacious confines have added a new dimension: More stagger space, more dance floor, more room to breathe, more hiding places for stealth nookie. But the vibe's the same. And the sake still costs a buck. Drink Wednesday, coast through Thursday, work your ass off for half of Friday and the weekend leaps upon you.
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