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Halfway through a lemongrass mojito at Urban, we declared it "the perfect summer drink." So refreshing! So subtle! So expertly blended! Then, we ordered a Gin Garden — gin, muddled cucumbers, apple juice. Oh, this, we declared (our short-term memory starting to go), this is the perfect summer drink. In the interest of fairness, we ordered a Hibiscus, made with plum vodka, grapefruit soda and hibiscus syrup. The drink was so revelatory, so evocative of summer, that we declared it the cocktail of the season. After sampling pretty much everything on Urban's flat-out awesome drink list (over several weeks), we realized that everything owner/cocktail-genius Nhat Nguyen dreams up is incredible. Even before you order a drink — heck, even before you look at the list — you know you're in for a treat. The gregarious bartenders line up thick lime wedges, plump raspberries and verdant mint leaves along the bar; all of these bright, fresh ingredients are just waiting to add oomph to a cocktail. Urban's drink menu is a labor of love, as finely thought-out and well executed as the bill of fare at an upscale restaurant. Plus, all that fruit has to kinda be good for you, n'est çe pas?

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