Best Down-and-Dirty Crime Rag

St. Louis Metro Evening Whirl

We all say we're sick of the media's penchant for broadcasting crime and violence -- murder, homicide, robberies and so on -- on TV, and, of course, we are. In public we scream about it. But -- 'fess up! -- in private a whole bunch of us love reading about it in the newspaper that best covers real-deal crime, the down-and-dirty stuff. Welcome to the trauma-inducing pages of the St. Louis Metro Evening Whirl -- or, as it's known on the street, the Evening Whirl. With content consisting of straight-from-the-source police reports, Associated Press stories, gossip and controversial columns (the Shadow is a constant thorn in the asses of this city's movers and shakers), the paper jabs exactly where publisher and owner Anthony Sanders intends. "It's the only paper of its kind in the country," says Sanders. "Somehow Hollywood found out about it, and it's going to be included in a new movie coming out next year." Whether this is true can't be confirmed, but rest assured that you'll read about it first in the Evening Whirl.

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