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Old Town Donuts

We've never been much for herd mentality, but we've always been a sucker for anything with bacon on (or in) it. So it's like Old Town Donuts' bacon-caramel long john was made with us in mind. That's just hubris, of course. Old Town Donuts has been turning out perfectly made sinkers since 1968, long before many of us could chew. At any rate, the true test of a doughnut shop is how well it handles the simple plain glazed, unadorned by unnecessary distractions like caramel or chocolate or (how it pains us to write this!) bacon. Old Town nails it: sweet, but not too sweet, and airy enough to melt in our mouth. But perhaps the most wonderful thing about Old Town Donuts is that it's open all the time. That's right — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime you get an urge for a doughnut, this Florissant standby is there for you. Not only that, it's got tables and a nice old-fashioned counter where you can settle down and stay awhile, maybe long enough to digest one doughnut and think about which one you want to try next. And it's got WiFi! Yes, for the honest-to-goodness doughnut worshipper, there's no place like Old Town.

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