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One of St. Louis' greatest charms is its wealth of doughnut shops. Choosing the best among them requires serious time, travel and consideration. Do we celebrate the cakey or the flaky, the fruity or the frosted, the doughnut or the hole? This year, we honor the fresh. Every Saturday at Soulard Market, Mini Donuts, Etc. one-ups Krispy Kreme with hot, fresh doughnuts all the time, not just when the light is on. As you stand in line, observe the tiny rings of freshly made batter as they drop into a river of hot oil. See them float for thirty seconds, plumping up as they fry. Watch them catapult onto a paper towel, where they rest for a few minutes to soak up the excess grease. And from there to a paper bag, and from the bag to your mouth. Really, you can't get much fresher than that. Mini Donuts, Etc. also moonlights as Donut Man Stan, who will come to your party and make doughnuts just for you. Fresh!

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