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St. Louis Hills Donut Shop

St. Louis Hills Donut Shop is a bright-green stand-alone edifice deep in south city. Like all doughnut shops whose names don't contain the word "Dunkin'" or "Krispy," it's a throwback. For fifteen years husband-and-wife team Larry and Teresa Magnan have run the show. Their current schedule has them showing up for work at 2 a.m., six days a week. He focuses on cookin', and she focuses on servin' up the long johns, doughnut holes and old-fashioneds, glazed with icing from crock pots behind the counter. (Sometimes their four kids help out.) Are the doughnuts good? Does Sinatra swing? The Magnans report that even in the age of doughnut conglomeration, business is holding up. "It's steady," Larry reports. "The first five to ten years were the hardest."
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