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Ode on a Dozen Hot Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts

By Our Calendar Editor

I thought I knew love
Before you, little Krispy.
I thought I knew life.
'Til one summer night
without expectation,
your red "HOT" light drew me like a moth to a ...
(I wasn't even stoned).
Ho! Glazed paradise!
And light, fried, iced satisfaction.
Now I know
Sunshine in your first surrender
Joy in your sweet melting heat on my tongue
Sweet sin in eating more than a body should.
I must know, my darling
Why you are only in Ferguson, Fenton, South County
And a place called Highway K
What? What's that?
You say there'll be 10 more Krispy Kremes opened in the metro area
Within the next five years?
I can't wait, my love
Can't wait any longer for a dozen glazed --
Please hurry!
(I'll be at White Castle if you need me.)

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