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Not every dollar store is created equally. Not even every Dollar Tree store is created equally, but at least the chain's slogan, "Everything's $1," holds true across the board. Dollar Tree doesn't pull $3 or $5 punches, though, but it does sell copious amounts of quality goods. While perusing the housewares department it's easy to forget it's a dollar store — Libbey glass stemware and pint glasses occupy an entire aisle while scads of ceramic plates, bowls, coffee cups and more line the opposing wall of shelves. Kitchen utensils and gadgets are also in no short order — one could easily equip a kitchen solely with Dollar Tree purchases. A solid selection of canned and frozen foods feed frugal appetites, but the most impressive section of savings might be found in the household cleaners and detergent aisles. Dollar versions of Swiffer wet and dry cloths mingle with $1 laundry detergent, brooms, mops, air freshener, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, hand soap and dish detergent. The basics are easily laid out at Dollar Tree, with seasonal decorations and curios (including Halloween costumes and candy) sold throughout the year to ensure that even the holidays don't set customers back more than a few bucks.

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