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The stacks of shopping baskets placed sporadically throughout the Dollar Tree in St. Peters are adorned with a confident tagline: "Take a basket, you'll need one." While seemingly cocky, the basket placement is actually a convenient gesture to save customers from backtracking to the entrance once their bounty grows larger than two arms can contain. Nestled humbly into a strip near the behemoth Mid Rivers Mall, the Dollar Tree is an impulse buyer's dream. Its revolving inventory ranges from practical standards (greeting cards, hand soaps, Totino's Party Pizzas) to bargain-bin gems (generic pet nail trimmers, Nintendo Wii remote holders shaped like swords) to absurd novelties (dog tuxedos, Jonas Brothers mechanical pencil sets and even hardback copies of the autobiography of James Lipton, of Inside the Actors Studio fame). Furthermore, the Tree boasts ample square footage, spacious aisles and a headstrong commitment to the Washington greenback; every item really costs 100 pennies or less.

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