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Deal$ -- Nothing Over a Dollar

Ah, the dollar store, where the average Joe and Jolene can feel like Trumps for a day. Go ahead and buy the microwaveable chocolate-chip cookies, the ergonomic broom-and-dustbin, the hardback books and ceramic karate fighters. Give each of your kids two bucks and tell them they can pick out two of anything at all in the whole store. The dollar store makes you feel like....a million bucks. The folks at Save-A-Lot discount grocery stores (a subsidiary of retail giant SuperValu Inc.) bought the Deal$ -- Nothing Over a Dollar stores about a year ago and set about making a good thing better. The Bridgeton Deal$ expanded to include a large selection of refrigerated and frozen goods (à la Save-A-Lot), and now you can buy gyros and frozen Chinese dinners right next to the lawn ornaments and wrapping paper. And yes, everything's still a buck or less.
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