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Company's coming. The house looks perfect. The tomato-and-Brie crostini are warming in the oven. The stereo is playing Coltrane. The dog is...stinky. Oh no! Stinky dog! You're certainly not going to throw Fido in the tub, not after spending a half-hour scrubbing the porcelain. And going to the groomer would be an ordeal (Fido hates the car). It'd be so nice if a pet-wash-on-wheels would arrive in your driveway and de-stink the pup. Ha-ha, what a flight of fancy. Wait! It's not so unrealistic after all — Aussie Pet Mobile has three St. Louis franchises. Convenient for people and comforting for pets, the Aussie vans bring an excellent dog wash right to your driveway. Your dog gets primped and pampered within a clear view of his favorite nap spot, walking path and pee tree. Aussie Pet Mobiles use only eco-friendly products, and the dog washers go above and beyond with grooming, paw-dicures and munchies. They also offer the Fabulous FURminator treatment, which rids dogs of loose, excess hair (and cuts down significantly on shedding — a total plus for the pets' people). In practically no time, your stinky pup will be transformed into a stellar pup, ready to greet company and accept all those well-deserved What-a-good-dogs.
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