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Broemmelsiek Park

A dog's life is full of waiting: waiting for the human to get home, waiting for the human to remember it's dinnertime, waiting for the human to get up off the couch and play. Any other animal — say, a cat — would say the hell with it and go off somewhere to plot revenge. But the dog? The dog just continues to stare adoringly at its human, observing every minute blink of the eyelid or twitch of the toe. The least a human can do to reward this sort of devotion is to take the dog out for an afternoon at Broemmelsiek Park. Sure, the drive out to the western fringe of St. Charles County is a schlep-and-a-half, but trust us, it's worth it. First thing: Unlike a lot of St. Louis-area dog parks, it's free. Second: It's got three acres for dogs to run and play and chase each other. Finally, and best of all: It's got a lake so the dogs can swim. Now it's the humans' turn to stand off to the side to gaze in adoration, marveling at these wondrous creatures.

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