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Some people associate dive bars with sketchy neighborhoods or surly hoosiers. What a good dive bar really is, though, is a comfortable, unpretentious place with friendly regulars, cheap drinks and good bartenders (or at least eccentric ones). Patrons can read the bar's storied history in every dusty tchotchke on display. Resources are not wasted on decoration or thorough cleaning, yet the air of benign neglect is part of the charm. CBGB has all this and more. The crowd is a friendly mix with a lot of neighborhood folk. The beer is cheap, and the cocktails are poured with a heavy hand. There are plenty of seats inside and out, with various artworks by locals adorning the walls. Chat with the awesome bartenders or play darts, Ms. Pac-Man or shuffleboard. Or perhaps head to the women's room, where two toilets face each other (bring a deck of cards or a checkerboard and a friend). It's cash only, but the beauty is, you won't need much.

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