Best Dive Bar

Sophie's Place

Dive bars are the refuge of the lazy. And the real. Maybe you don't feel like putting on a shirt with a collar. Or strapping your hooves into some painful heels. Or spending $15 on one drink. Maybe you just want to hang out with your friends in your pajama pants and get plastered on $15 or less. At Sophie's Place, you can do all of this and you won't be judged. It's one of the diveyest dive bars in the area, offering pool, karaoke, loud patrons and smoke-filled air. The bathrooms aren't that great, but the drinks are poured with a heavy hand. The drunkest drunks might be obnoxious, but they're great entertainment. And the people there are friendly, pulling you into boisterous rants and conversations. This last-of-its-kind gem always, always keeps it real.

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