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The inside of Swade Cannabis’ Grove location (4108 Manchester Avenue; 314-924-6503) reads less like a retail shop in which to exchange currency for goods than it does a statement piece of art and design. Brought to life by MIN+ Architecture, with thoughtful flourishes including a colorful custom mural on the front of the building by Jayvn Solomon, an illuminated ceiling print by Dave Bour at SuperDog Content and Douglas fir benches by Mwanzi Co.’s Jermain Todd, Swade’s flagship location just feels cool, and befitting the hip, luxury experience promised by the brand. Of course, none of that would amount to much if the dispensary didn’t put forth some killer cannabis offerings, and we’re happy to report that Swade handily delivers the goods in that regard. Stocking products from top cultivators including Proper, Illicit, Head Change and Swade’s house brand Sinse, the shop carries well-regarded strains of flower such as Gelato 33, Runtz and Purple Chem, as well as plenty of vapes, edibles and concentrates. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a premium for the premium experience — at just $52 for an eighth of flower, Swade’s prices are among the cheapest in town. —Thomas K. Chimchards
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