Best Disappearing Act

Eric Greitens

Staff Pick

To be clear, it is an act. Eric Greitens may have dropped out of sight following his scandalous exit from the job of governor, but you know that weasel is still out there, planning his come back. He has already begun seeding the outline of a campaign-ready narrative, starting with his resignation speech in which he painted his departure as an honorable sacrifice to stop the "endless personal attacks designed to cause maximum damage to family and friends" — and not a hide-saving political calculation. In his ensuing life in exile, he has masterfully avoided the trap of attention seeking that further cheapens many a disgraced politico (cough, Chris Christie, cough), who lingers pathetically at the edge of the spotlight, begging for a way back in. Instead, Greitens has remained nearly silent, allowing second-hand accounts of him spending time with his kids and news reports of his return to action with the Navy to work on the public consciousness. Just remember, when he finally re-emerges, casting himself as a humbled but rededicated public servant, he was just biding his time.

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