Best Director

Bobby Miller

What does the director do? With some productions it's easier to discern what the director did not do. If a show seems rudderless, if actors are rushing their lines and not listening, if as a viewer you feel a sense of discomfort, there's a good chance that (for any of a number of reasons) the director was unable to effect his or her vision on the piece. If, on the other hand, you see a play where every single actor is excelling and where the scenic design enhances the story rather than merely provides a backdrop, then there's a good chance that the director deserves some of the credit. So here's a standing ovation for Bobby Miller, who directed the stunning New Jewish Theatre production of Donald Margulies' Brooklyn Boy. Thanks to Miller, the collaboration between director, designers and actors alchemized into something more efficient and ultimately moving than what exists on the pages of Margulies' script. This account of an author whose life is unraveling just as he should be reveling in celebrity came to life before our eyes — which sounds like an obvious thing to write. Don't all plays come to life? No, they don't. This one did.

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