Best Dining Destination

Missouri Hick Bar-B-Que

If you find yourself in Cuba after a full-day float trip — weary, sunburned and let's be honest, still beer-drunk — don't stop for fast food on the way back to St. Louis. There's a mom-and-pop here off old Route 66 where you can fill your tummy: Missouri Hick Bar B Que. Owner Dennis Meiser, a master woodworker, built the place with his own hands (down to the chairs you're sitting on), but hungry folks don't come for the décor. Meiser seasons his meats with his own blend of spices, then smokes them for a solid twelve hours. Ribs, turkey, chicken, beef brisket, bison — it's all here. We recommend Ory's Spud: A gigantic baked potato bursting with sweet baked beans, sauced pork, cheese, bacon and chives (and jalapeños and sour cream, if that's your thing). Finish that off with some peach cobbler, and you're good to go — to sleep, that is. Let someone else drive.

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