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Southwest Diner

For a refreshing spin on the classic diner, head over to Southwest Avenue and spice that slinger up a bit. The corner breakfast-and-lunch joint takes all the standard American diner centerpieces and runs them through a Southwest screen. Order a burger, and you'll get it slathered in green chiles. Settle for a simple staple of eggs and home fries, but sub in a sopapilla if you want. Instead of a fountain drink, grab a Mexican soda made with real cane sugar — better yet, go for a Mexican beer like Bohemia. Get an omelet, and expect some Longhorn cheese on it and filling options such as chorizo and calabacitas. The interior comes with the requisite Formica countertop, backless stools and metal-framed chairs but it is doused in theme-fitting flair: Tchotchkes and art hang in every available space, while zigzags of red and teal border walls along with murals of mountainous landscapes. At Southwest Diner, all the familiar and comforting components of the greasy spoon await, but with a welcome Southwestern take.

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