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Florissant City Diner

There is no Monte Cristo sandwich on the menu at the Florissant City Diner. But they can make French toast. And they have ham and cheese on hand. And powdered sugar. And there's strawberry jam in the plastic tower of jellies and preserves. And so...for you, a Monte Cristo! This tiny family-run diner is a mainstay of Old Town Florissant. If you look at the photos on the Plexiglas wall that separates the counter from the grill, you can track various family members' progress from adolescence to marriage and parenthood. Everyone who walks through the door is family, too — or at least they're treated that way. The staff is friendly to strangers, as well — they'll smile and ask you how you're doing as they refill your drink, and they'll make your breakfast or lunch exactly the way you ask. (The only difference is, you have to ask. With the regulars, they already know.) The menu isn't fancy, but the food is tasty, plentiful and cheap, with that special veneer of buttery greasiness you can only get in a diner. Who knows: They may make you a Monte Cristo, too, if you ask nicely. But not chicken and waffles. They lack the equipment, first of all, and second, they know that even — no, especially — with family, you have to know where to draw the line.

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