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Chili Mac's Diner

When the discussion veers toward the best chili-mac in town, rarely do debaters touch upon Chili Mac's. Maybe that's because they're not sure what exactly to call it: The signs outside these two diners read "Ed's Chili-Mac Diner," while the takeout menus are labeled "Chili Mac's American Diner." And then in the phone book, simply "Chili Mac's Diner" seems to do. No matter what you call 'em, these guys know how to sling 'em: hot, fast, cheap and filling. In addition to all permutations of chili -- with beans or without; by the pint, quart, gallon or five-gallon bucket; atop a burger or in a slinger -- there are straight-up burgers, dogs, BLTs, grilled cheeses and all the usual breakfast items. While both outposts feel like a little bit of left-behind Americana, what with their vinyl upholstery and quick counter service, the Clayton spot is a bit more fun -- because who on Earth would expect a diner like this in Clayton?
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