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Olivette Diner

A great diner can be counted upon to offer up both the reliable and the unexpected. Of course there are regulars whiling away the day over the morning paper, of course the coffee will always be hot and fresh, of course breakfast is served anytime and of course the person pouring the coffee and serving the breakfast is probably a friendly, middle-aged woman (or occasionally a Greek man in a white shirt and black vest). All this goes on at the Olivette, a narrow, blink-and-you-miss-it storefront in a strip mall, but what ratchets the place up to greatness are the offbeat menu items. Like the breakfast burrito: hash browns (cooked in butter) topped with melted Cheddar, sausage and scrambled eggs, wrapped inside a spinach tortilla (a green tortilla at a diner?) and covered with salsa and sour cream. Another super signature staple is the Hot Hash & Holly: potatoes with grilled onions, green peppers and ham, topped with two eggs, melted Cheddar and hollandaise. And speaking of reliable: Olivette turns out some of the best slingers around.
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