Best Dim Sum

Won Ton King

It can be easy to fly past Won Ton King's strip-mall façade on Olive Boulevard, but once inside it's clear from the packed tables that this is some of the most authentic Chinese food in St. Louis. Dim sum is actually served seven days a week here, but half the fun is hailing the steaming carts as they roll past, and this only happens on Saturdays and Sundays (dim-sum items are offered off the menu during the week). The star among staples like chicken feet, Chinese broccoli and fried turnip cakes are, naturally, the won tons — or dumplings or buns, whatever you want to call them. Basically, anything that comes in an envelope of starch is divine. The dumplings come both fried and steamed, filled with succulent shrimp and chives or pork in a sweet, sticky dough. Another small bonus comes from the window that opens onto the kitchen in the back of the restaurant, providing a glimpse of the notoriously difficult and involved process of creating these bite-size treasures.

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