Best Dim Sum

Lu Lu Seafood Restaurant

Walking into Lu Lu Seafood Restaurant midday on a Saturday can be overwhelming. Metal carts weaving in and out among tables packed with big families, old families, young families, couples, colleagues, friends or lone rangers. They have all gathered at Lu Lu for one reason: The chefs here are expertly trained in the preparation of authentic, regional Chinese cuisine, and in particular, dim sum. The carts, guided through the dining room by outgoing and friendly servers whose English is, well, better than your Chinese, contain sizzling portions of bold and fiery Szechuan dishes, like pungently seasoned meats and spicy bean curd, as well as milder Cantonese cuisine, like chicken's feet and sublimely steamed Chinese broccoli. It's a lot for a first timer to take in, but trust us: That's part of the experience! Dim sum at Lu Lu is a terrific place to venture out of your culinary comfort zone. What's in those delicate-looking dumplings? Eat one and see! Oh, my God, is that a basket of fried whole smelts? Yes, indeedy -- and they taste great! Do I dare eat this chicken foot? Come on, you weenie! What is a turnip cake? Shut up and take a damn bite! It's like our mother used to say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Of course, Mom was also known to declare, "'There's no accounting for taste,' said the old lady as she kissed the cow." But she did love her some dim sum.

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