Best Dim Sum

LuLu Seafood Restaurant

When enjoying the dim sum at LuLu Seafood Restaurant, it's best to consider the philosophical musings of Friedrich Nietzsche. Wait! Come back! We promise there won't be a quiz. You see, Nietzsche was intrigued by the idea of eternal recurrence. Everything that happens, happens again and again, ad infinitum. What does this have to do with dim sum? Well, it's no secret the dim sum served Saturday and Sunday at LuLu is very good. Show up at lunchtime, and you're almost certain to wait. And once you do sit down and watch those carts rolling by, bearing all sorts of tasty treats, from steamed pork buns to strange taro concoctions to delicious, crisp-skinned duck to who knows what else, you might become upset. If I eat this, will I miss that? I won't have time to eat everything! Thus spoke Nietzsche. Every cart that has come around the restaurant will come around again and again. Patience.

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