Best Dim Sum

Lu Lu Seafood Restaurant

Everything that makes dim sum such a dining delight (particularly for weekend brunch) can be found in abundance at Lu Lu, the seafood-favoring restaurant that opened last fall where Chaney's barbecue joint used to be. There are more than 100 items to choose from, an awesome range of choices that span from tasty safe bets (hot-and-sour soup, shrimp dumplings, rice noodles) to double-dare-ya delicacies (stewed carp's head soup, chicken feet). Foods are circulated around the room via pushcart, per Chinese tradition -- no ho-hum buffet here -- and half the fun comes from picking by sight alone what to try next. "Dim sum" translates to "heart's delight" in Cantonese, and Lu Lu provides a textbook definition.
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