Best Dim Sum

Lu Lu Seafood Restaurant

When you ask a fellow dim sum lover, "Where do you go for dim sum?" chances are Lu Lu will be the reply. The restaurant's overwhelming popularity is proven every weekend, when Lu Lu's dining room is packed with raucous diners, chatting away in English and Chinese, picking snack-size morsels from the hand-pushed carts piled high with bamboo steamer baskets (many traditional dim sum delicacies are steamed, especially dumplings, which here come stuffed with shrimp, pork, vegetables, etc.). Though Lu Lu offers some dim sum during weekday lunch hours -- which is how they do it in Asia -- they save the real show for weekend brunch, with a belly-busting array of more than 100 items to choose from. Though it has only been in business for a couple of years, we've got a feeling Lu Lu'll be mopping the floor with the competition in this category for years to come.
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