Best Diction in a Used-Car Commercial

Dave Sinclair

Let's face it -- most car dealers have the orating skills of Frankenstein's monster (if you can imagine it hailing from Missouri). But for some reason, when the big wheel does the commercial, cars roll off the lot faster than the words roll off his particular tongue. Dave Sinclair was born with the gift of enunciation. From behind his podium, which gives the sublime air of honesty, Sinclair is concise and unobtrusive. He's in and out of your TV before you know it, but while he speaks, you're casually transfixed. His no-nonsense shtick is just made for the rote exuberance of commercials; in fact, Sinclair could be an announcer who sells cars on the side. He has a way of sounding humble, not full of himself like your average sticker-shockmeister. And when he says, "Here's my address," you know he means business.
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